LifeDesign Adult Sunday Schoolthrough-the-Bible curriculum that is intensely Biblical and intentionally practical. LifeDesign helps busy adult learners know and understand, apply, and practice God’s Word in practical, effective ways.

The study of Scripture in each quarterly course provides the adult learner with accurate, meaningful, life-related Bible lessons. Uses the King James Version.

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Each LifeDesign course is made up of the following components:

  • LifeDesignLeader’s Guide
  • Bible Study Book with inductive Bible study questions
  • Resource CD containing adaptable verse cards, customizable PowerPoint presentations for each lesson, case studies for in-class review or small group use, and additional teaching resources.
  • Transparency packet (16 full-color sheets)
  • Horizons (weekly take-home paper)
  • Poster to help promote LifeDesign in your church

Want to use LifeDesign as a small group or individual Bible study?
Check out RBP’s past LifeDesign courses, which can be used as elective LifeDesign Bible studies.